September 05 Installment: Flora

Customizable, flowery illustrations. Flora is a step back to my vectory roots, and an overdue re-born interest in what Flash can do.

About "Flora"

Flora was based on a single sketch inspired during my recent holiday. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Langeland (just like last year), and a tiny image got stuck in my mind. I remember it as being either an illustration, or a painting on some wall. Whether I saw this image on the television in the evenings or elsewhere, I do not remember, and it doesn't matter. The tiny sketch I made displayed some highly stylized flowers, interconnected by thin lines.

Building the first mockup from this sketch was just like the "old days". Back then, we didn't care about usability or accessability. Back then I didn't even know the difference know what those words meant. But we did create some crazy things, and the community was great.

It seems I got too caught up in the patterns of the Old Ways, because the first mockup nicely illustrated one of the problems I wouldn't have cared about back then. People thought it was just a still image. The quick resolution was to add an animated introduction, displaying just how things work. How delicious to be able to do that; an animated introduction would be all but impossible in HTML. But this is not about Flash vs. HTML, that's discussed more interestingly elsewhere.

This is about rediscovering your roots, and I must say for the first time since awaiting Flash 6 (or MX), I'm now eagerly awaiting Flash 8, the Last of the Clan Macromedia. (Stay tuned for a 6th of September release!)


Time is not my ally these days, and I do not know when I will get more of it. On the horizon, however, are wallpapers from Flora, and an source code release of the draggable dots used. It was based on code by Robert Penner anyway, so it only makes sense.

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September 05 Installment: Flora