June ’04 Installment: Chasing the Green Fairy

The music is called "Libera Me", and was composed by the talented Kate of n-heptane studios.

Noscope June is a collection of artistic renderings of the aniseed-flavoured liqueur Absinthe. The drink in itself, is highly toxic, and is rightly illegal in most countries. The colour, however, is what interests me…

About Absinthe

It was traditionally served with water and a cube of sugar; the sugar cube was placed on an "absinthe spoon" and the liquor was drizzled over the sugar into the glass of water. The sugar helped take the bitter edge from the absinthe, and when poured into the water the liqueur turned milky white. – Source & definition

Absinthe was an 18th century drink, highly popular for it's dreamy and hallucinatory side-effects. It was said, that the drinking of this liqueur would reveal the "green fairy", that lived in the bottle. Thus, the consumation of Absinthe would be called "chasing the green fairy". Hence the title of this installment. Absinthe was made illegal in the beginning of the 20th century due to it causing phobia & suicide.

You may have seen this drink in movies such as "From Hell", "Moulin Rouge", or in my case "Bram Stoker's Dracula". I mention Dracula specifically because there were some beautiful closeups of the tinted liquid, which directly inspired me to do this theme.

Furthermore, I've always found it hard to work with shades of green, and especially turquoise. They never dodge well, and usually turn out icky in the wrong way. So the theme was also chosen for practice using greens.

Overall I think the theme came out very well. It took more time to create that I'd have wanted to spend, but worth it I think.

Note: Newsletter subscribers got Image 4 as a layered TIFF. Last months serving, on the other hand, is available now.

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May ’04 Installment: Du Gamla, Du Fria

The music is called "Chlorine", and was composed by the divinely talented Kate of n-heptane studios.

"Du gamla, du fria" is the first line of the swedish national anthem. While this May edition is indeed a tribute to the Sweden that I love, this choice of title is more decorative than nationalistic.

By decorative, I am speaking of the content of the images I made for this month. The idea, initially, was to make postcards from Sweden, old tarnished, slightly tacky postcards.

While only the text on image 1 and image 5 is tacky, I am pretty satisfied with the end result of this months pieces. I wanted to make sharp contrast, use much more white than I usually do, and create great textures that weren't just Photoshop's "texturizer". This, I think, I succeeded in.

With this said, I'm far from happy about image 2, 3 and 4. It's just something about the composition, the colors, and the texture that's just not spot on.

The text on image 1 says "Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga nord", which as mentioned is the first line of the Swedish national anthem. Very roughly translated, it means "you old, free, mountaneous north".

The text on image 5 says "Hälsningar från Sverige", which translate to "greetings from Sweden".

3 year aniversary

Noscope was launched as part of the May 1st reboot 2001. Today, May 1st 2004 I have been true to the legacy I more or less swore myself to. 5 images, every damn month. Some quick pocket calculation makes this 3 * 12 * 5 = 180 pictures / illustrations. Needless to say I'm proud beyond what words can describe, because one thing is sure: statistical probability says, atleast SOME of these 180 images has to be good.

As a celebration, I'll post my personal favourite images I've made over the past 3 years, not to forget the beautiful music Kate composed!

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April ’04 Installment: Fruits

Well, nothing came out the way I wanted it to. But that just goes to show you that some things can't be planned. Instead, I had to rely on "lucky accidents". Image 04 is one of those…

The Idea

It was a simple idea. Place some fruits on a table, photograph them, blur them and present them.

Needless to say it took some extra effort. I had to explore ink effects and custom light effects to get something I deemed presentable.

But that's the curse of having sworn yourself to monthly updates. It can be a harsh mistress at times.

The Music

As always, the property of the talented Kate. The track is called "Libera Me", and you can download it here. Buy her CD—I did, and it often finds its way through my playlist.

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March ’04 Installment: Happyjoy Issue

I started Noscope March around the 25th of february, with the idea of making movie posters I could submit to sites such as www.bloodforoil.org, or the likes.

I made one poster, which came out ok. You can see the poster here.

But I got so depressed when making it, that I took a walk and took some photos. The "Happyjoy Issue" is what came out of it. Something easy and pleasant to look at, with lots of sugar on top.

Such things are good for the eyes.

The music is by Kate, (www.n-heptane.com). You can download the song here.

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February ’04 Installment: Kinesthetics

I wanted to do something I hadn't done with my previous issues, and figured I'd try my way with freehand drawing. Unfortunately, I was never good at drawing, so I knew it had to look "stylish". Thus, the pixelly look, the graded backgrounds and added textures.

The music is, as always, composed by the profusely talented Kate (http://www.n-heptane.com/), although it was actually composed and used for Noscope February 2003 (anti-war issue).

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January ’04 Installment: Abstracts

Music from January 2002, by Kate (www.n-heptane.com).

Massively photo-manipulated, Noscope January 2004 consists of 5 abstract interpretations of specific natural elements.

All pictures are taken in Sweden, on a rainy winter day.

The three first pictures (grass, rain & rust), were pretty straight forward, the third of them being the most difficult, as the image composition was pretty tricky to get to work. The idea was to make it look like old film, that is, with overexposure & colour errors etc.

I think it worked pretty well with img 01. 02 and 03, however, were de-railed by what a friend of mine calls "lucky accidents", that is, things that happen while you're working, that wasn't supposed to happen, but makes it all better.

With this new direction, Image 04 & 05 (fire & wood), were pretty different, the bumpy texture being the only thing connecting them to the others.

04 was an interesting challenge, as the source photo was over exposed and with lots of motion blur of lights. Again, it was a pretty lucky source photo, so it was merely a matter of arranging a neat composition.

05 was an attempt to get back to the original idea, that is, old film. Another lucky accident (the glowing ring), got be to re-add the burnt film effect. I like this image the best.

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November ’03 Installment: Election Posters

Heavily inspired by 60'es propaganda posters.

Phew. Ackh. I started out with a good img. (01), and quality sunk from there. Oh well, in my little no-world, there isn't much time for pondering. There's a reason for the name "no scope" … wait! No, there's not… or .. i forgot how it's supposed to be.

New webhost soon

As some of you have noted, my comment section truly stinks. The latest blow to it are adverts from brinkster. Sorry about that. Fear not, steps have already be taken to move on to the vastly superior Movable Type. With that system you shall be able to comment on each news post, individually, and all ads shall be gone. Stay patient and it'll happen.


Can anyone suggest a good newsletter system? Ideally a super-easy to use, ad-free mailer system that uses PHP or CGI (only)?

Else, i'll have to use a simple signup system and mail the good old way, using Outlook + ‘Blind Carbon Copy'.

By the way

We've been working like crazy at Titoonic on some ultra-interesting projects. One of them should be unveiled tomorrow or the day after that—any day anyway. The other will be a month or so, but I'm proud to say I've designed them both, and you can count on them being posted massively here.

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October ’03 Installment: Textures

Maybe I should'a named it "Stencil Graffiti". Heavily inspired by graffiti in northern UK, Noscope October is a look back at the events that have unfolded these last few months. Obviously it is my personal opinion that the iraqi war was a tremendous miscalculation. Having been email flamed by dozens of angry individuals for my anti-war opinions, this is also a message to them. For fucks sake, don't you try and shut me up!

Sometimes I feel like i'm taking crazy pills. How could anyone support a Bush that's just renamed Nuclear Weapons to "Bunker Busters"?

Having gotten rid of Saddam may be swell, but it doesn't change the point that the entire basis of the war, namely WMD, is non-existant.

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