December ’05 Installment: Pixies

Beware! Pixies were spotted flying around somewhere in Sweden! Pixies are nasty little green fairies that like to dance in the shadows of stones.

About "Pixies"

While green is among my favourite colors, I find the dark hue hard to work with. Forcing myself to do so anyway was the primary drive for "Pixies". This was a success in the sense that this is probably the first installment where all 5 parts of the whole are in the same hue—usually I drift on to other colours.

The photos are from Sweden, and while not online, there are a few other pictures in my photo gallery that are from the same place/period.

The light streaks were made by waving a flash light in front of a tripod mounted camera with prolonged exposure. These streaks are actually from early 2004 as well. I guess you could call this a left-over mashup. But hey, don't we all love that?

P.S. Pixies concept generously donated by Chris.

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December ’05 Installment: Pixies