October ’05 Installment: Undergrowth

Explorations in controlled randomness.

About "Undergrowth"

I had ambitions with Undergrowth, that are greater than the end result you see.

The plan was to create Nintendo'ish graphics, shown in a random and changing context. I had several design attempts, but ultimately a bad case of the colds made me scrap them and seek back to simplicity.

That's how it goes with these monthly installments. Sometimes things don't quite work out the way you want them to. It's not that I'm not satisfied with the result, it's just that I feel I failed my own personal challenge and sought back to the type of graphics I'm comfortable/always doing. So with the big challenge scrapped, I instead tried an easier challenge – using colours I wasn't too comfortable with. Browns and purples aren't easy to work with, I'll tell you that.

The new Flash, however, is surprisingly great! I have actually been using Flash MX (6) until now. I entirely skipped MX 2004 (7) because it simply annoyed me. But Flash 8 fixes a myriad of nuisances introduced in MX 2004 and even improves some of things I liked about MX. Add to that a buckload of truly useful filters and features. Flash 8 is a positive surprise.

For Undergrowth, I've used layer blend modes (just like Photoshop's blend modes) in the background illustrations, and motion blur on the initial preloader. It's too bad that only a few people have the new Flash Player, because I'll be requiring it from now on. This is still my place, and I set the rules. The rule of the day is: go grab the player now or miss out!

Next thing has to be finding a way to save configurations to wallpapers. It should be possible. Stay Tuned™

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October ’05 Installment: Undergrowth