November ’05 Installment: Landscapes

That vague silhuette of your memory.

About "Landscapes"

In this autumnal time of year, I find myself always returning to the same type of imagery. Just like my Autumn installment November last year, "Landscapes" is a mix of various pictures portraying the autumn/winter period of Scandinavia.

Yet, the memory of a place is different in your minds eye from what it'll look like when you return to it one day. Sometimes, your minds eye memory is better, having basked in the warming fire that is a good memory. Sometimes, it's quite the opposite; the real place is not as bad as you remember it to be.

In both cases, the picture in your minds eye is garbled. You'll remember silhuettes, colours, tastes and smells. Like a radio that doesn't quite tune in on the right channel, elements will be taken out of context and put together to form something entirely different.

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November ’05 Installment: Landscapes