December ’06 Installment: Audhumbla

In Norse mythology, Audumla (also Audhumla, Audhumbla, Old Norse Au?humbla) was the primeval cow. Unlike many other Norse names, the name of Audumla has not been deciphered, nor does the Norse sources tell where Audhumla came from, but it has been assumed that she came into existence at the beginning of time through shaping of the melted Niflheim ice in Ginnungagap, much like Ymir. โ€“ Source

As suggested by my sister way back in my Meadow installment, for this one I took inspiration from the norse creation mythology. Scandinavian landscapes, stars, trees, northern lights and of course my favourite animal: the cow.

The drawing engine is powered by my generative Von Neumann engine.

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December ’06 Installment: Audhumbla

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