March ’05 Installment: Arboretum

A landscaped space where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific study, educational purposes, and to foster appreciation of plants. – Source

About Arboretum

An arboretum is, as the definition clearly states, an exhibition for study and appreciation trees. As a tree hugger, it is only fitting that I do my part in this teaching. Thus, a virtual gallery of gnarled and strange trees, possibly not of this world.

"Arboretum" holds many references to my previous installment, "Surrealisme", both in the composition and the mood. One of my mantras is: don't reinvent yourself every day. Refining a past concept is not necessarily a no-no and in all honesty it wasn't until I was done with 3 of the pictures I remembered having done something similar recently.

For the essense of this Arboretum is a universe I've been developing for quite some time. Mostly in my mind, a little bit in past archives without your knowing it and a little bit on blocks of paper. I plan to make something of this one day, suffice to say: more on that at another point.

Technically, the illustrations are composites of a 3D tree placed on a cloud/sky background. Texture and colours were added with the usual techniques. A celestial body (of sorts) was added to each image to give an off-worldly feel. Trust me, this is not some place in Sweden. And even though you can spot both our moon and Saturn, it's supposed to look like "somewhere else".

This month I will release a layered PSD (well, technically it's a TIFF, but you won't notice), that's full-size and to everyone (not only newsletter subscribers). Which one do you want?


The music track is a track I've used countless times before because I love it. It's as always composed by Kate. Download tracks, and read more about her music in the installments section.

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March ’05 Installment: Arboretum