April ’03 Installment: Chlorine

Better late than never. Enjoy this non-political update, and the excellent music—as always done by Kate. Comments, political or non-political, are as always very, very welcome in my comments section.

A tip on the music – as many of Kate's tracks, it's a full length music track, not just a generic web music loop. Listen to it for a while – the best parts are always two thirds in.

On the smaller side, I will slowly be updating the user interface on this website, to be more user friendly. As a start, I've added a new cool conformist preloader icon. With my newfound experience for monthly updated websites, I'll also be simplifying some things which wasn't used, anyway. Etc. Expect gradually changing UI, in other words.

I won't be rebooting this year – the horrible planning, and lobbyist judging of last years warbirds and light yellow backgrounds have pretty much made me want to boycott it.

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April ’03 Installment: Chlorine