June ’04 Installment: Chasing the Green Fairy

The music is called "Libera Me", and was composed by the talented Kate of n-heptane studios.

Noscope June is a collection of artistic renderings of the aniseed-flavoured liqueur Absinthe. The drink in itself, is highly toxic, and is rightly illegal in most countries. The colour, however, is what interests me…

About Absinthe

It was traditionally served with water and a cube of sugar; the sugar cube was placed on an "absinthe spoon" and the liquor was drizzled over the sugar into the glass of water. The sugar helped take the bitter edge from the absinthe, and when poured into the water the liqueur turned milky white. – Source & definition

Absinthe was an 18th century drink, highly popular for it's dreamy and hallucinatory side-effects. It was said, that the drinking of this liqueur would reveal the "green fairy", that lived in the bottle. Thus, the consumation of Absinthe would be called "chasing the green fairy". Hence the title of this installment. Absinthe was made illegal in the beginning of the 20th century due to it causing phobia & suicide.

You may have seen this drink in movies such as "From Hell", "Moulin Rouge", or in my case "Bram Stoker's Dracula". I mention Dracula specifically because there were some beautiful closeups of the tinted liquid, which directly inspired me to do this theme.

Furthermore, I've always found it hard to work with shades of green, and especially turquoise. They never dodge well, and usually turn out icky in the wrong way. So the theme was also chosen for practice using greens.

Overall I think the theme came out very well. It took more time to create that I'd have wanted to spend, but worth it I think.

Note: Newsletter subscribers got Image 4 as a layered TIFF. Last months serving, on the other hand, is available now.

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June ’04 Installment: Chasing the Green Fairy