Prometheus (2012) Mini-Review

Ridley Scott returns to sci-fi after a decades long hiatus with Prometheus, the story of a space expedition to a planet that was mysteriously mapped in 35,000 years old cave-paintings on Earth. In the vein of the classic Alien movie, what the expedition finds on this planet is not quite what they pictured.

If you follow this blogs Twitter stream, you'll know I've been quite excited for Prometheus. Not only due to Ridley's name being attached — after all, he made Blade Runner — but also because Damon Lindelof co-wrote the movie (who co-wrote Lost). Add to this the fact that Prometheus, while not an Alien prequel, is in fact set in the Alien universe. Making such a movie is a monumental task, and the expectations are huge. So as a mindgame, when I sat down in the cinema I put myself in the screenwriters place and asked myself what kind of movie would I have made, were I given this task. Prometheus hits nearly all the beats I found were necessary for being an Alien-universe movie (and a good one at that).┬áThe visuals are completely gorgeous, and there are oodles of Alien references for fans like myself. The movie is long but it doesn't feel too long. The plot twists are not totally expected. The music is good, and I most definitely felt I had received my moneys worth. Go watch it, you have my blessing. It's a worthy Alien successor.

That said, Prometheus is not perfect. Many characters feel under-utilized, and some subplots are either weirdly unsubstantial or just not brought to fruition. I would very much like to see an extended cut once Prometheus hits physical media, to see if something was left on the cutting room floor. I'm pretty sure, though, that most of the unanswered questions were ones that Ridley hopes to address in one or two sequels. Which I'd be fine with.


6 thoughts on “Prometheus (2012) Mini-Review

  1. This is most excellent news! Thanks for the spoiler free mini-review. Being from a trusted Alien fan, my hope for the film is restored! Unfortunately, the Prometheus release has been delayed until August here in Spain (WTF?). Once I finally get a chance to see it on the big screen we shall compare notes…

    1. I look forward to your notes.

      The friend I saw the movie with was less enthusiastic, I’m afraid. I hope I’m not wrong; looking forward to seeing it again to double-check.

      My standards are always these, though: did I feel like I received my moneys worth when leaving the theatre. And yes, I did.

      1. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say. Surely a film this long in the making and from such a beloved series is going to split opinion among fans and the general audience. Either way, I can’t wait to see Scott’s return to his roots.

        I like your standard for films. It cuts out all the baggage. Did I enjoy this? Good. Reminds me of how I watched movies when I was a kid, without all the cynical high standards that I apply to them now!

  2. Prometheus started off pretty ambitiously but turned a bit generic after the crew were revived and ultimately left me feeling frustrated rather than excited. Shame.

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