Kent – Röd (2009) Mini-Review


“Röd” (Red) is the newest (released today) album from Swedish rock-turned-electro-pop band Kent; a band arguably responsible making a masterpiece of every album. Red is no different. The sound is, if that was even possible, even more electronic, dansable and polished than their last album, Tillbaka til Samtiden.

While hard to exactly label, it’s clear that these guys have been listening to Depeche Mode, Royksopp, New Order and The Cure. On top of that, I get the vibe that these guys have enough money, enough life experience and enough of a distaste of the media, that this tristesse and malaise seeps into the very music. Not only in the text, but in the titles and the rapidly style-changing music. Here’s one such odd (but awesome track) from YouTube:

Here’s another good song.

I can’t decide whether this one is better than their previous outing, but one thing is for sure: it’s a six heart experience.