Before The Continental Drift

Just a few days ago, my Pangea theme (which was developed for this website eons ago) was added to the official WordPress themes repository.

(What it looked like)

That means the theme is now GPL and auto updatable in the WordPress admin.

Pangea is a really minimalistic theme, which focuses on being simple and usable and not getting in the way of your content. You can see the demo site, but really the killer features are sub-surface:

  • Theme is built and tested on WordPress 2.7 and 2.8
    • Fully widgetized
    • Galleries look nice
    • Gravatars work as they should
    • Comments are threaded
  • The code is massively clean and separated into as few logical files as possible. There’s only one file containing the postloop code, for instance.
  • Improves upon the standard WordPress comment threading
    • Renames “Reply”, to “Reply here” (and makes it translatable!)
    • Moves the “Reply here” link and the entire comment reply box to the bottom of the comment thread, where your comment will actually appear
  • IE6 is, by default, served a standardized CSS view (read more) but this is optional
  • Comes with an english PO file ready for translation

The honest-to-goodness truth of it is that in my freelance venture, I need a clean base theme to build my client sites on. Pangea is it (the last three client sites on my recently launched corp. site, “Dejligt”, are based on Pangea, I swear) and so it has been iteratively cleaned and tweaked for the purposes of saving me time for the next website I’m building. So, while Pangea should hopefully appeal to the minimalists in the crowd, it should definately also appeal to those of you who are going to throw out most of the stylesheet and the images folder, and then build your own continent.

3 thoughts on “Before The Continental Drift

  1. Definitely gonna use this,

    thanks Joen.

    I love how clean your work always is.

    Hope you’re well.

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