Star Trek (2009) Mini-Review

Star Trek chronicles the early adventures of James T. Kirk as he strives to find his place in the universe following the untimely death of his father at the hands of the renegade Romulan Nero.

Like the best Bond movies, Star Trek drops you square in the middle of the action, and within the first 10 minutes establishes itself as an entirely new, and exhilerating trek to the stars. As we follow George Kirks heroic last endeavours to save his wife and unborn son, we are shown that Star Trek doesn't have to be about weird foreheads, odd beeps and campy uniforms, because what matters is the human interaction. You may actually weep before the movie has even begun.

Star Trek is a triumphant reboot and sequel, all in one. It puts hamfisted Hollywood franchise restarts to shame with a plot, a cast and a story that thrills and engages, even if you're not — like I must confess myself to be — a Trekkie. Unbelievably, J.J. Abrams and his writing team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman has managed to reinvigorate a 40 year old franchise, keeping the style and spirit intact, dropping countless squeamingly delicious references to past movies and shows. You'll see wierd foreheads and odd beeps, and cheer at it. Incredibly, even the new music by Michael Giacchino is sufficiently remeniscent of past scores, while delivering new hummable tunes.

Star Trek is a movie that should have been impossible to make. Yet here it is, and it's a masterpiece.


5 thoughts on “Star Trek (2009) Mini-Review

  1. That all sounds strongly promising. I’m going to watch it on Friday. I’m a small trekkie myself.

  2. Holy Moly! What an absolutely fantastic movie. Loved every single minute to pieces.

    And at the same time I really like the way they’ve managed to create an entirely new beginning for the Star Trek universe. Can’t wait for the next one.

    1. I know!

      Did you notice how we learned why Kirk calls McCoy “Bones”, by the way? I’ve always wondered, and I loved that bit.

  3. wow, great review. i only had time to read the last bit the other day, but enjoyed reading it in its entirety today. i shared it with some coworkers and friends.

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