The Ringworld Throne Mini-Review

The inhabitants of the Ringworld are adapting to the effects of Louis Wus world stabilization efforts. As such, various homonid species find themselves with unlikely allies, uniting against the surging common vampire enemy. On the other side of the world, Louis Wu, now an aging and ill man reunites with his old friends as he is captured by a Ringworld Protector.

The Ringworld Throne continues the adventures of Louis Wu on the spinning Ringworld in this sequel to Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers. It’s clear, rather early on, that the main effort of this book is to give a sense of the sheer scale of the ringworld, Larry Niven trying to author grand adventures on the inside of a ring which has 3 million times the surface area of Earth. Perhaps this grand scale is simply too much for Niven, as the end result is, unfortunately, a rather dull affair.

[rating stars=”2″]