Greg Bear's Eon Mini-Review

Eon is the story of an asteroid that enters earth orbit some time in the future. Inside the asteroid are seven tube-shaped chambers in succession. The chambers have outwards gravity, soil and air. The seventh chamber goes on forever.

Our earth explorers encounter wonderful things in the various chambers, especially chamber 7. Sometimes what they encounter is so fantastic you have no clue what’s going on.

As you might deduce, Eon is hard sci-fi. At times a hard read but filled to the top with impressive ideas. It’s also a very strange book, which—I’m sure—is why the book hasn’t been optioned for a film; it’ll be a feat to turn this book into a movie, even though the Eon CG Challenge made impressive headway.

Albeit strange, exceedingly vast in scope and at times twistingly and mindbendingly hard to follow, Eon is a very recommended read. Eon was followed by Eternity, a sequel, and Legacy, a prequel.

[rating stars=”4″]