Retro Retro-Futuristic Inspiration

This saturday was spent delving through old comic-book stores in Copenhagen. Among other things, I found these gems:




This is retro retro futurism. That means it’s retro futurism from the 80ies. Storm by Don Lawrence, details the adventures of Storm the astronaut and his time-travel-gone-wrong adventures in a distant future where society has regressed into a barbarian steam-punk with oversized critters and mounts culture. Excellent.

5 thoughts on “Retro Retro-Futuristic Inspiration

  1. Added album nb. 3, which I actually didn’t find in the comic book store, but that’s beside the point.

    Unfortunately, the above three are the only ones that ever did come out in Denmark.

  2. I love those comics, i have them all in Dutch. However i stopped buying them when Don Lawrence didn’t draw them anymore. Somehow the stories don’t seem as good anymore either. Even last year a new one was released

  3. Hmm, someone was heavily inspired by Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.

    I like that they use the same “Heroic Proportions” model that Marvel and Burne Hogarth also use extensively… 🙂

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