Cloverfield Mini-Review

Cloverfield is the codename for a Manhattan event, documented using handheld camera by 5 young New Yorkers throwing a going-away party the night a monster attacks the city.

Essentially that sums up the entire movie. That’s both good and bad, mostly good. The handheld feel and the fact that we don’t see the monster in anything but short flashes, works really well, almost as well as it did with Alien. Despite the premise of the film, the plot is actually somewhat believable, which is impressive considering it’s a monster-flick.

Cloverfield works on many levels, and it’s definately worth 5 stars. To have earned the sixth star, however, I would personally have wanted a more fleshed-out and detailed ending, possibly one that wasn’t so predictable.

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7 thoughts on “Cloverfield Mini-Review

  1. I got a chance to see this much anticipated movie while in LA last week and I have to say that while I was fascinated and intrigued by the entire plot, the form in which it was delivered really ruined it for me. The story could have been told from conventional camera usage in order to avoid that whole vertigo aftereffect. For that reason, I would give it 2 stars.

  2. I thought Cloverfield was really good. I was afraid it was gonna be a letdown since I’ve been obsessing over it since last summer, but it was surprisingly well-executed. Didn’t mind the camera one bit either, it’s part of what made the movie special. Posted a bit about it on my blog as well.

  3. The only down side with Cloverfield is that you need a strong stomach to not get (sea) sick with all the shaking from the handheld camera motion.

    Honestly, was it really that bad? I’m surprised to hear about people throwing up, warnings at cinemas about this and whatnot. I kinda easily get car/sea sick, but watching Cloverfield was not a problem at all. I wonder if the movie feels different depending on what cinema you watch it in or something like that, because aside from when they were running in the movie and the camera went up and down (feet to straight forward view) I can’t imagine what would cause all this sickness. And I mean, it wasn’t that often. At least I don’t remember it that way.

    Off-topic: Love how you display people’s favicons instead of Gravatars, Joen. 🙂

    EDIT: And the countdown for editing your comment. Great work overall on the comment area.

  4. Honestly, was it really that bad?

    It is a personal thing I guess – not to the extent of throwing up, I just do not like movies shot out of the hand (even though in THIS one it is a directors decision which makes sense). There used to be a TV show, NYP Blues I think, drove me nuts to watch it, the camera shakes constantly threw me out of the story. I’ve also never liked 1st person (shooter) games like Unreal Tournament. So, it’s just a personal thing 🙂

  5. Ok, yeah I guess you’re right 🙂

    My girlfriend can’t stand first person shooters either, so I had to go with a friend instead, because she wouldn’t have been able to sit through it. I think it’s the same as with Blair Witch Project, many people complained about getting nauseous watching that as well.

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