6 thoughts on “July ’06 Installment: Outline

  1. Nice work, I like the interactivity, though it seems a little jerky but that’s probably my computer.

    Keep those instalments coming Joen!

  2. A very interesting idea, but the novelty wears off quite quickly, and then it feel a bit flat. Also, it would be nice to be able to skip the explanatory animation in the beginning, I know it’s only two seconds or something, but at the 3rd one I was getting annoyed at it.

    Maybe some textures would have made it more interesting.

    I apologize for what seems like harsh criticism, but considering the quality of work you do, I think you can take it.

  3. Thanks Levi,

    It’s jerky on my computer as well.. those layer effects are pretty intensive combined with the full antialiasing. Even so I figured I’d let it all be max. quality since looks, in this case, are more important than functionality.

  4. We must have been commenting simultaneously, Jonas.

    Of course I can take criticism, especially when I know I can do better myself. However, halfway through this installment I was losing interest wanting to start over, which is usually a bad sign. So instead of starting over, I finished it a bit quickly so I can move on to better things for next month.

    And if I may say so myself, it’s good enough not to scrap 🙂

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