V for Vendetta Mini-Review

If you want objectivity, go elsewhere. This is a weblog, and I want to be subjective. I absolutely loved V for Vendetta.

V is the codename of a Guy Fawkes-masked freedom fighter (brilliantly played by Hugo Weaving) struggling to overthrow the oppressive regime that England has become.

V for Vendetta is exactly the type of movie I want to see in the cinema. It is well acted, well written, well paced and most of all eminently watchable. I give this film its first 3 hearts for plainly being a good movie, and the remaining two hearts for simply being an extremely enjoyable piece of cinema.

[rating stars=”5″]

5 thoughts on “V for Vendetta Mini-Review

  1. I really enjoyed the movie too. Loved all the different references to current events, 1984, and movies like Equilibrium.

    Hugo Weaving did wonderfully well behind a mask. I hope he gets an Oscar nomination.

  2. Dan wants to know why you can’t put a whole review on your site. is it because everything has to be “snack-sized”?

    man, i wanna i see that movie.

  3. chris said:

    Dan wants to know why you can?t put a whole review on your site. is it because everything has to be snack-sized?

    1: I’m lazy

    2: There are better reviews elsewhere .

    3: Sometimes a mini-review is attractive, either because you don’t care enough about the movie to read a full review, or because you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want it all spioled.

    4: I like the format.

  4. I’m a big fan of V for Vendetta, my only disappointment is… why can’t i have V? he’s a gentleman to the end and that voice is oh so sexy. Apart from that i can certainly see where V is coming from.

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