January '06 Installment: Dryads

Dryad — a deity or nymph of the woods

About "Dryads"

I have to admit that "Dryads" is pretty much last months concept, revamped. There are a two reasons for this:

  1. It is okay to milk a novel idea. Recycling is good.
  2. I've been busy elsewhere and needed something light and relaxing.

Reason #1 explains itself.

Reason #2 deserves explanation; coming up with a concept is the hard part. Once that concept has been formulated, elaborated and actualized, it's just play from there. Happy 2006, and be nice to the trees this year!

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7 thoughts on “January '06 Installment: Dryads

  1. No worries. I’m actually glad you did a rehash. Often I’m just sitting here thinking, “only five?”.

    2 would make a nice desktop.

    Regarding the UI for the installations, once the number links have been clicked and they’re colored differently they’re nigh invisble. Makes going back a tad difficult and lord knows I have to view them all three or four times.

  2. ?only five??.

    ONLY FIVE!? Gah you almost gave me a heart attack! Where’s my inhaler, oh, there…

    But seriously, 5 works well for me. For most ideas, I feel like I’ve “explored the concept” thoroughly when I’m through with 5. As I’ve said sometime before, there’s a certain rhythm now (after 5 years almost). There’s the difficult #1, the quick #2, the bad #3, the varying #4 and the #5 that’s either quickly done or extra elaborate and cared for.

    2 would make a nice desktop.

    Hmm… I’d have said 1, 4 or 5. I actually think 2 is a bit too complex and confusing…

    once the number links have been clicked and they?re colored differently they?re nigh invisble

    I know I know… it’s on my list, but lately I’ve been following my bliss rather than my priorities ;). The solution is, of course, to work in a “visited state” color variable, where now it’s simply the complimentary color. I’ll do a quick fix.

  3. I think these are actually better than the “original”. The snow works really well with the lighttrails to give a fairy tale feel. Excellent work, keep it up.

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