Serenity Mini-Review

I saw Joss Whedon’s Serenity yesterday. I didn’t intend to see the movie, quite simply because the TV Series never caught my attention and the title sounds like a chick flick.

And those are the only two problems this movie has.

Serenity is everything Star Wars never was, and never could be. It’s a hugely impressive space opera that manages to cram in love stories, epic space battles, strange markets and hover-cars, while at the same time paying tribute to Mad Max, Blade Runner and even Star Wars. All in some two hours.

Here’s my six stars, and sometime next year: my bucks for buying the Firefly DVD set.

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13 thoughts on “Serenity Mini-Review

  1. My wife and I watched Serenity Tuesday last week, and I was contemplating writing a review, but now you’ve done it all for me. My feelings were exactly the same. The Firefly (which I for some reason always end up calling firefox) boxset has made its way onto my wishlist.

  2. I’m late to the game, but I’m learning more and more that Firefly + Serenity are just two huge sad stories. One show was cancelled prematurely, and the movie just didn’t bring in the goods.

    Let’s hope the DVD sales will encourage a restart of the tv series, or a sequel movie.

  3. Joen, Serenity is a title for a chick flick?

    The name of the ship, Serenity, comes from a battle in Serenity Valley. Pretty much the last battle ‘tween the browncoats (our heros) and the government. It was bloody and violent. Definetly not a chick flick. 🙂

  4. I think Joen was more thinking that, without any precognitions about the movie, Serenity sound like the title of a chick flick. Of course, he must protest if I’m putting words in his mouth that he doesn’t like.

  5. Jonas is right on the money of course.

    It was my cousin who convinced me I had to see this movie. We watch Battlestar Galactica together, and we both agree SF rocks.

    That means, if I, a SF nerd, feels like I’d rather not waste my money at the Cinema watching a flick called Serenity, then the movie will have problems with the non SF nerd audience too.

    As for the short resume you gave, I DID in fact know that. My cousin insisted I watched two episodes of Firefly before the actual movie. I think we saw “out of gas”, and … the episode after “the train job” or something. Good series, good series.

    So yes, I do think Serenity is the title of a chick flick.

    define: serenity reveals this:

    repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion

    peace: the absence of mental stress or anxiety

    I see it already. Sandra Bullock, Ethan Hawke exchange glances on the top of Empire State Building. Stretch that to about 90 minutes and you have Serenity, subtitle: Sometimes, peace is right in front of us.

    Edit: In other words, the title of the movie was a problem. They should have called it Star Wars… or something descriptive…. wait a minute!

  6. This will sound like I’m trying to kick you in the head over this. I’m not. I swear.

    From my point of view, I could give two (pick two of something you don’t really care about) whether people that don’t know the story see the film. For me, calling the film Serenity was such a great choice on so many levels.

    1. Serenity calls back to a defining moment in Mal’s life.

    2. Serenity, as any decent browncoat knows, is the name of the ship.

    3. Serenity, in the end, is all the crew is really looking for.

    There’s also the irony that this bloody war ended at a place called Serenity Valley. I just dig irony. I also dig fan service which is what I think the title was.

  7. I’m not disagreeing with you on the contents of the name, I’m just saying that I think the title is one of the reasons it didn’t hit in Cinemas, which in turn could have blown some life back into a season 2 of the series.

    That and of course more advertisement.

    I’m thinking hard of better titles, and it’s difficult… but you see what I mean, don’t you?

  8. The title’s hopeless as people won’t know about the 3 things you mentioned Chris, and to me it’s obvious that the story fits a series.

    However, I did find the acting quite wooden and the plot a tad lame…it wasn’t as good as I’d expected.

  9. Well I thought the movie was great, but opinions can be discussed.

    The Box Office doesn’t lie though: Serenity did bad. Fantastic 4 did very well, on the other hand.

    One movie was good, the other one was bull-crap. You pick. But why did one fail where the other succeeded? That’s what I wanna know.

  10. Joen, I totally understand your point. Please understand that I haven’t slept in about 48 hrs so nothing I say today will be coherent (no jokes about how I’m never coherent).

  11. Please understand that I haven?t slept in about 48 hrs so nothing I say today will be coherent

    But you’re never coherent anyway …

    oh wait.

    Kidding of course. So why haven’t you slept for 48 hrs? Or is that too off topic and fit for a discussion elsewhere?

  12. But why did one fail where the other succeeded?

    Hehe, marketing, exploiting babe-power (i.e. having her invisible for very brief spells), brand recognition and opening in more theaters on the first weekend.

    All the usual suspects..

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