May ’05 Installment: Stagecraft

Directly inspired by, "Stagecraft" is an homage to the excellent film: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Or more specifically, the end-creditsโ€ฆ

About "Stagecraft"

I was lucky enough to catch the Lemony Snicket movie while it was still in theatres in Denmark. Not only is this an excellently entertaining movie which you absolutely must see, but it is also a work of artโ€”from the start to the very end, and even after the end. If you haven't yet seen the movie, I recommend you rent it or purchase it right away.

Noscope May is directly influenced by, and inspired by the end credits of Snicket. Heck, it's almost derived from it. As such, let there be no doubt that this effort is a tribute to the talented graphic designers who spent hard work in creating such inspiring end-credits.

With that said, I have tried giving it my own twist. Obviously the concept of the images is based on digitally visualizing old-tyme puppetry. That means elaborate textures, stylized shapes and drop shadows resulting from the front spotlight.

All in all I'm satisfied with the end result. I particularly like how pictures #2 and #5 came out. Images #1 and #4 I consider the weakest of the bunch, probably because they partially break with the concept of cardboard cutouts and instead rely on silhuettes in the wrong places.

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31 thoughts on “May ’05 Installment: Stagecraft

  1. I like 3 the best. They just look so… good.

    Everytime I check an installment a little lightbulb pops and I think, “I really need to learn something about Flash.”

    And now, that I have this Cinema display I’ll have to go back and look at the past installments. So, that will be me sucking your bandwidth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks Chris and Brian.


    The Flash used in this installment is rather limited, and shouldn’t take long for you to learn. If you need it, you can always get the .fla source file from me, just let me know.

  3. Joen, thanks. Everything is a magical mystery until someone shows you the source. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll keep the offer in mind for when I get some more RAM in this new machine. For the moment I’m not even installing Photoshop for fear of grinding everything to a halt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. really nice work, joen.. i loved those end credits. how do you get that scratchy/dirty almost metallic looking so good?

  5. Thanks gareth.

    how do you get that scratchy/dirty almost metallic looking so good?

    I used a texture, much in the same way you’d do it in a 3d app. If you have a photo of a metallic texture, desaturate it and place it on a layer above some content (for instance a heart shape drawn in Illustrator), and set the layer to Overlay or Soft Light. That should do it.

  6. I just wanted to say this was one of my favorite installments. I especially like # 2 and 3, though the remaining images are really cool esp. with the drop shadows and stuff. Keep it up.

  7. Hi Joen

    Wery very nice, I think its the best installment you have produced so far, just my opinion.

    five is my favorite.


  8. Thanks a lot Jonas.

    My personal favourite is actually #5, because it has both #2 and #3 in them ๐Ÿ™‚

    4 needs some work. It’s not only duller than it should be, but there are actually mistakes in them that I somehow managed not to see.

  9. Sorry for the moderation delay caused on some of the comments here. Hopefully it won’t happen again.


    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!


    Hey, good to see you here. Thanks a lot!

  10. This, as many noscope issues, has inspired me to try to create again. So for a while longer, I feel alive again, hoping this flickering flame gains, feeds and the fire for purpose roars again.

  11. I love it for completely personal reasons, it reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkin’s Tonight Tonight video, which is without a doubt my favourite video clip of all times…. good work Joen.

  12. Smashing Pumpkin?s Tonight Tonight video

    I knew we were kindred spirits, Khaled. It’s my opinion that the whole album is their best work. I wore my tape copy out.

  13. Khaled, thanks a lot, I appreciate it. By the way, I really should consider getting in to the Smashing Pumkins (again). I shortly had a brush with them a while back, but moved on. I particularly like the song 1979 (IIRC).

  14. Damn dude although 1979 wasn’t written for that year (I think it was meant to be 1977 but it didn’t sound right) the point is he’s talking about the year I was born. It’s the only song they did that had a follow up (Perfect, with the same geeks), but back to the topic at hand, the same directors did Otherside for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which again had the same funky stylings.

  15. Interesting trivia, I have to dig deeper in to these pumpkins. On a related note, I was also born in 1979.

    As for the Chili Peppers, I did enjoy their music at one point (Blood Sugar Sex Magik), but pretty much abandoned them after that. As for “otherside”, I seem to remember that video. Very surrealistic right? Awesome stuff.

  16. Otherside is one of my favorite videos. That and Ohne Dich by Rammstein, but that’s mainly because they climb in the video and from a climber’s point of view it’s pretty hilarious.

  17. Holy cow, I love these! In particular the first one, which is just downright inspirational! Though the movie was entertaining enough, the end credits of Lemony was the best part of it all. Truly worth the price of admission.

    Now, can we get them in highres? I want to print one or two out and hang them on my office wall.

  18. I thank thee profusely sir. I appreciate that.

    Now, can we get them in highres? I want to print one or two out and hang them on my office wall.

    That’s a pickle, as you’re actually looking at the resolution with which they are painted in. I have been pondering upping the resolution I paint them in, to later on collect some of them for printing. This would allow me to “simply” scale them down for these installments.

    Heck, now that I have a new computer it’s in fact sort of stupid I haven’t done this before. I’ll paint them in double resolution in the future, and scale’em down for installments.

    As for upping the resolution of past archives, it would be doable, but would require a little updating here and there to prevent artifacts. I wouldn’t want to do it with all my archives, but I suppose tweaking one or two couldn’t hurt…

    So you would want the first one?

  19. (though #4 is the ‘least good’).

    Agree completely. It’s also the one that’s been through the most “post-touchups”, which is never a good sign.

    I’ll take a look at #1.

  20. Sorry to bump this up again, but i am doing a website in a very similar style to your beautiful pictures, i was just wondering how you acheived the lighting effect in flash, i have tried many things with out much luck.

  21. I simply created a huge circular gradient ranging from black transparent, to black semi transparent. I centered this, and flickered it by switching from a blank frame to the gradient frame quickly.

  22. U defently have som nice animation techniques Joen, not just this one, but generel.

    just wanted to add this ๐Ÿ™‚


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