February ’05 Installment: Intermezzo

In music, an intermezzo, in the most general sense, is a composition which fits between other musical or dramatic entities, such as acts of a play or movements of a larger musical work. — Source

About Intermezzo

Something new, and something completely different. "Intermezzo" is not meant to be more than that—a brief interlude. A simple brief excercise in simplicity.

For too many months now, I've kept things overly complex to myself. When things start to blur, it's always helped to backtrack, and graphics such as these are graphics I've done before (January 2002, May 2002).

It's a statement in graphics and in life: keep things simple. Do it the easy way. Play more.

With that said, I really only think #2 came out well, with #1 and #5 being okay.

Technically, the illustrations were built using Illustrator and flash. Most of it was a matter of "duplicate / move / scale". The windmills in #1, "fractals" in #2 and the wire-blends in #3 are re-used these from prior pieces. But that's part of the lesson: recycle! If you made something you like, save it for quick access in a folder with thumbnail preview, and use it again and again and again! Once you've drawn a windmill once, you don't have to draw it again—no matter what elitists say: there's no shame in using ClipArt. Unless it's not your own. Ahem.

  • The "fractal" in #2 was made using Illustrators "duplicate" function. This function is perfect for when you need to draw, for instance, a clock; draw the little black line that symbolises every hour, and select the Rotate tool. While holding ALT key, left-click where you want the center of rotation to be. A dialog should appear: select "Copy". Now press CTRL + D to repeat this (this is the trick), and there's your clock.
  • The blends in #3 are made using Illustators "Blend" function, hence the name. To make a similarly looking blend, draw two lines using the pen tool, select them both, and select "Object > Blend > Make". To adjust number of blend steps, select "Object > Blend > Blend Options… ". Select "Specified Steps" from the dropdown, and type in some number, for instance 30. Press OK and watch the goodness.

Listening to

While making February, I was listening to Massive Attack's Danny the Dog and Two rocks and a cup of water from "Danny the Dog Soundtrack". I believe the movie "Danny the Dog" is also known as Unleashed.

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