November ’03 Installment: Election Posters

Heavily inspired by 60'es propaganda posters.

Phew. Ackh. I started out with a good img. (01), and quality sunk from there. Oh well, in my little no-world, there isn't much time for pondering. There's a reason for the name "no scope" … wait! No, there's not… or .. i forgot how it's supposed to be.

New webhost soon

As some of you have noted, my comment section truly stinks. The latest blow to it are adverts from brinkster. Sorry about that. Fear not, steps have already be taken to move on to the vastly superior Movable Type. With that system you shall be able to comment on each news post, individually, and all ads shall be gone. Stay patient and it'll happen.


Can anyone suggest a good newsletter system? Ideally a super-easy to use, ad-free mailer system that uses PHP or CGI (only)?

Else, i'll have to use a simple signup system and mail the good old way, using Outlook + ‘Blind Carbon Copy'.

By the way

We've been working like crazy at Titoonic on some ultra-interesting projects. One of them should be unveiled tomorrow or the day after that—any day anyway. The other will be a month or so, but I'm proud to say I've designed them both, and you can count on them being posted massively here.

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November ’03 Installment: Election Posters