Conservapedia, The Encyclopedia Re-written For Idiots

Mentioned in the news these days is Conservapedia, a wiki written by “conservative christians”. In a nutshell, scientific concepts such as evolution are rewritten at religious leisure to be more fitting for people of faith.

On Conservapedia, “Evolution” redirects to “Theory of Evolution” and, among other things state:

that there is an abundance of scientific arguments showing the earth and universe are both approximately 6,000 years in age

It’s also interesting to see the history of edits to an article such as the one on Atheism, which early on contained this jewel:

Since atheists have no God, as a philosophical framework atheism simply provides no logical basis for any moral standard. They live their lives according to the rule that “anything goes”. In recent years, this has led to a large rise in crime, drug use, pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy, pedophilia and bestiality.

If it wasn’t for the fact that some people believe this insanity, I’d get a good laugh out of this.

Wikipedia vs. Citizendium: Fight!

My favouritest lexicon, Wikipedia, has a competitor. One of the co-founders of Wikipedia—Larry Sanger—has forked the project into something he calls “Citizendium”. Yeah, it’s like citizen + compendium, real clever. The idea is that of a new Wikipedia, but without the “problems” with the inherent openness of a wiki. That is, not everyone is allowed to edit the Citizendium, and “accountability” is emphasized.

Well, the pilot project of Citizendium has launched. Ars Technica comments. What do you think? Would you rather pool your knowledge in Wikipedia, or the Citizendium?

Ironically, the best source of information regarding the Citizendium seems to be an article on Wikipedia.


Wikipedia is not the end-all, be-all wiki. Wikia specializes in hosting wikis (plural) and hosts two such star related ones;

Memory Alpha:

Welcome to Memory Alpha, a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek.


Wookieepedia is a lavish and stunning homage to the Star Wars pop cultural phenomenon. Thanks to its professional appearance, the scope of its content, the quality of its writers and diligence of its administrators, Wookieepedia has become a valuable resource to fans both casual and obsessive, as well as to Star Wars authors.

Also look out for: Mega Man Wiki, Doom Wiki, Muppet Wiki, and Psychology Wiki.