Customize any keyboard shortcuts on the Mac

One of the features of the Mac that I’ve come to love is the ability to override/customize the keyboard shortcut of any menu-accessible command:


Go to System Preferences, search for “Keyboard shortcuts”, select “Application Shortcuts” then click the +. Now you can specify any menu item and keyboard shortcut for the app you select.

Terminal Shortcuts

Storing these commandline shell shortcuts here mostly for my own benefit.

Ctrl-l: clear the screen
Ctrl-a: move caret to beginning of the line
Ctrl-e: move caret to end of line
Ctrl-k: delete everything from caret to the end of line

You should be using ClipMenu


If you’re on the Mac, you should be using ClipMenu. ClipMenu is a small statusbar app that remembers your clipboard history.

I’ve mapped ALT + V for invoking my clipboard history menu.

Point of note, if you’re a Chrome user, you’ll probably want to unmap ClipMenus CMD + Shift + B shortcut, otherwise you won’t be able to easily show/hide the Chrome bookmarks bar.

OSX security tip: create a screensaver shortcut in your dock

If you need to secure your Macbook from prying eyes, you can enable the screensaver and require a password to unlock. The usual way to go about this is using a hot corner to activate the screensaver. But if you, like me, are all over the place with your mouse, you might want to create a screensaver shortcut in your dock. Here’s how:

  1. Open Finder, navigate to System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/Resources/
  2. Note: System/Library/
  3. Drag ScreenSaverEngine to dock
  4. Profit

FluffyApp, CloudApp for Windows users

It won’t be long until I switch to The Mac now, but appreciating many aspects of the Windows platform still, it’s nice to see one of the best Mac apps — CloudApp — get a Windows port, even if it is an unofficial port.

FluffyApp — like CloudApp — is a tiny icon sitting in your appplication tray. Drag a file onto the icon, and it’s immediately uploaded and the URL to the uploaded file magically appears in your clipboard. Want to share a screenshot? Drop it on the icon and paste the URL. Awesome.