Anti Feed-Scraper Message Plugin For WordPress [Updated November 09]


Anti-feed-scraper plugin is a really simple plugin which helps you give the so-called “feed scraper bots” a hard time.

A feed scraper is a script that explores various XML feeds and bluntly copies content in various categories. The purpose, I assume, is to create a useless ghost-blog with faux contents, either because the bot-puppeteer was lazy or in shady attempts to collect Google juice.

Anti-feed-scraper makes your posts somewhat harder to scrape, by appending a little message to the end of all your posts. Because this message appears in the body text of your posts (only in the RSS feeds of course), it’s hard to filter out by the scrape bots. Which means if the lazy puppeteers keep stealing your content, they’ll steal it complete with links to your original content as well.


Download from

The plugin features an options page where you can configure your post message.


In the options page, you can customize the message appended to your feeds. The default is:

[postname] originally appeared on [sitename] on [postdate].

Available “magic tags” include:

  • [postname]
  • [sitename]
  • [postdate]
  • [tweetthis]

10 Changes To WordPress That Would Make It A Killer CMS

[zenphoto src=”wp_04_large.png” class=”align-right”]

Since going freelance, I’ve supplied customers with a number of “WordPress as a CMS” solutions. Not only because WordPress is free and fairly userfriendly, but because for most websites WordPress is more than enough and certainly more than solely a blog platform. So much, in fact, that I’ll bet you WordPress is the next big thing on the CMS scene. It’s just waiting to happen, like a big secret waiting to pop out and say “Howdy”.

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Color Wheel Styler Plugin for WordPress

This plugin lets you use a convenient color wheel to assign colors to various sections of your WordPress powered website.

[zenphoto src=”color_wheel_styler.png” height=”300″ crop=”tl”]

The plugin is powered by jQuery and the lovely Farbtastic.

Currently the plugin is supremely minimalistic and simply allows you to color your sidebar, your body text, your links and your background. However, with very little tweaking, you can adjust this plugin to do your bidding, which is probably what you’ll want to do anyway. For instance, you could throw most of the plugin code into functions.php and hardwire it to your specific theme.

Download Color Wheel Styler

If this garners enough interest, possible future features could be on-the-fly addition of classes, IDs and tags right in your admin interface, moving the options page to the “Appearance” tab and the relocation to the WordPress plugin repository. Your thoughts?

[Update]: WordPress 2.8 compatability.

Carousel Gallery (jQuery) for WordPress [Updated January 2010]

This plugin builds on the builtin WordPress gallery, and replaces any gallery inserted using the gallery tag with a neat jQuery powered carousel. By carousel it means you can browse through all the pictures in the gallery and they’ll slide from the right to the left and seamlessly start over at the end.

The plugin uses jQuery and a jQuery plugin called jCarousel.


Download the plugin from the WordPress repository

Development Stopped

Due to my busy schedule, development on this plugin has stopped. Fortunately, the plugin is open source. Are you an experienced plugin developer willing to lend some love, then you’re welcome to get co-ownership of this plugin. Let me know.

It's Plugin Update Day!

Having been busy for the last fortnight, I’ve finally found some time to give a little love to my plugins. As such, I have pedalled through the backlog for Textile Live Preview (AJAX Version) Plugin, Subscribed Commenters Plugin, Ratings Shorttags Plugin, Extra Image Tags Plugin, Special Feed Items Plugin and Quote Comments Plugin. The most popular one of them, Quote Comments, now supports MCEComments, which I’m sure a number of you will appreciate. This is also a good time to point to my new WordPress menu item. Wahey!

Special Feed Items Plugin for WordPress

I believe it was John Gruber who started the trend: adding small unicode symbols in front of noteworthy feed items. Because this was such a great idea, I’ve started providing little ♥ icons next to noteworthy feed icons.

This, I have turned into a WordPress plugin, which you can now download from the official WordPress plugin repository.

Note: I believe you have to have your blog set to UTF-8 (Settings > Writing) for this to work, and of course you have to pick a unicode character as the special feed item.