Chronicle Of Awesome: Speculation The Grand Theory Of Lost


It seems like just a few weeks ago; I watched the season 5 finale of Lost. It was only after the final LOST logo came on to the screen that the reality of a 9 month wait started to sink in. So, impatient as I was, I decided to speculate my way to a series conclusion. Because Lost is the best thing to happen to television since color. Lost is why cave-men painted shows on walls.

Now I've had 9 months to speculate on these mysteries, and for the very same reason, this post will be massively spoilerful (unless I'm completely off the mark and even then). Do not read this post unless you have seen every available episode of Lost first. Otherwise, you'll be ruining a great experience for yourself.

Warning!  Don't ruin this for yourself.

Still here? Okay, I trust you have, in fact, seen Lost. So read on.

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The Lost Pixels


Since Lost – one of the most worthwhile TV shows since Twin Peaks – is taking a break until February next year, I’d like to spend the time inbetween discussing one of the issues that really annoy me about that show.

No, it’s not the fact that they’re milking every episode, postponing the ultimate revelation one season at a time. It’s not the nagging feeling that once that revelation is upon us, they won’t be able to explain all the myriad of threads they’ve torn the story into. No, it’s much simpler. It’s a visual glitch.

See every time the show starts, right after the opening sequence, the Lost logo comes into focus and zooms past the camera. Freezeframe! There, a glitch in the 3D shape. The face of the logo doesn’t connect properly to the sides.

If you, like me, know just a tiny smudgeon about 3D modelling, this glitch is a symptom of an utterly crap 3D modeller. It bugs the hell out of me. What about you? Are you just sitting there, taking it?