Here's An Idea: The Icons For Developers Program

Android and iOS devices have exploded in app usage over the last few years. Both of these operating systems bring app icons front and center. Large finger-friendly icons invite us to start a phone call, play a game or jot down a note. It’s all very polished and pretty.


Well it’s not all polished and pretty. Some apps, while they may be superbly built and infinitely useful, their icons aren’t very pretty. Perhaps the developers simply didn’t find the icon important, perhaps they lacked the resources to give an icon the attention it deserves. The result may be an app that doesn’t look as pretty as it is useful.

Here’s an idea: those of you who possess the time and skills to build a proper icon for your aesthetically orphaned but still favourite app — why not actually make that icon and offer it to the developer for free? In fact, why not have a central website, called “The Icons For Developers Program”, where designers can submit icon replacements to developers? Hell, why not let developers put out their own requests for icons? It should all be free in the name of pretty.

Has this already been done? Could it be useful, or would it simply fullfill a niche desire? Your thoughts are welcome.

Blogpost "Temperature"?

Brians Latest Comments is the plugin I use for the “Ongoing Discussions” area in the sidebar. It has a comment temperature feature, meaning a recent comment is shown as opaque, while an old comment is more transparent in look. Thus it’s quick to see what’s new and what’s not.

So why isn’t this feature being used for blogposts? I could easily imagine the temperature color being used for the headline color, or on my fauna site for the post background color… Would it be confusing? Detrimental? Useless? Or are people just as lazy as I am, and don’t want to spend the time coding such a plugin?

Mixed Case URLs for WordPress: Anyone?

I’ve noticed a trend on the web lately. I’ve seen several websites (digg, for instance), that use very elaborate URL designs. Now can someone tell me why can’t WordPress do this? There’s a post slug field that should do what I tell it to, but it lowercases and “sanitizes” what I write.

Instead of the usual

why not an elaborate style:

it seems pretty simple, not?