Greenpeace on Trial

Monday, the 17th, Greenpeace is going on trial for their activism in the rainforest last fall.

Quoted from Greenpeace:

The trial begins on May 17th, and results from a protest against an illegal shipment of mahogany headed for the Port of Miami in Florida two years ago. Unable to find a suitable law against calling attention to environmental crimes, the Attorney General has charged Greenpeace under an obscure 19th-century law designed to stop prostitutes from boarding sailing vessels. – Source

This is not right. It’s clear-cut, black and white, good vs. evil.

Do your part.

Read more about the incident: “Bush takes Greenpeace to court”

Greenpeace Amazon Crime Files

Greenpeace launches their latest site, Amazon Crime Files, designed and developed by yours truly. You can visit the site here:

It’s been an incredible project, very much different from other website project I’ve been working on. While most of the sites I’ve done in the last few years have been rather pointless, this could actually make a difference.

The process has also been thoroughly different from the usual. Tropical storms, computers breaking down in the amazonian humidity, and “real world issues” have been actual problems our Greenpeace contacts had to deal with.

I’m very proud with the end result, and sincerely respect the activists involved for their devotion.