Launched yesterday is a brand-spanking new-material-laden WordPress website for Limbo, an artistic, sidescrolling platformer. Limbo is engineered by Copenhagen-based Playdead Games which I’m proud to call my neighbours. As you can see from the screenshot above, the game is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s even better-looking when it’s moving, so you should definately check out the newest trailer on the website, and this gameplay footage from

Photoshop Is So Slow …

  • Photoshop is so slow, it should have a calendar instead of a splash screen.
  • Photoshop is so slow, a turtle tried to marry it, but Photoshop was late for the wedding and the turtle ended up marrying Windows 95 instead.
  • Photoshop is so slow, Adobe pondered renaming it “Please wait…”.
  • Photoshop is so slow, that these jokes were made waiting for it to start.
  • Photoshop is so slow, it was once mistaken for Real Player 7.
  • Photoshop is so slow, its builtin clock will shift to daylight saving time, twice, waiting for Gaussian Blur to finish.
  • Photoshop is so slow, painting a lens flare by hand would be quicker.
  • Photoshop is so slow, Iran has started using MS Paint to clone stamp missiles, instead of Photoshop
  • Photoshop is so slow, it makes iTunes look fast.
  • Photoshop is so slow, Adobe keeps adding racing stripes in the box to make it seem faster.
  • Photoshop is so slow, that hardware acceleration refers to using all 640K of RAM.
  • Photoshop is so slow, its interface was recently made way faster using Etch-A-Sketch Technology.

An Evening In Sweden

Once in a while, I invite a few friends up to our family house in Sweden for a weekend. We enjoy the fire in the garden, good usually cholesterol-laden food and alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, even music. Most recently, my dear sister whom is also a proprietor of our fine house, has purchased a phonograph. Convinced that such a device is all it takes to mount a successful expedition to said location, I have not only acquired a fine selection of gramophone records, but I have produced a poster to celebrate the occasion. The poster will also function as an invite-to-be-sent. Eventually.

Feel free to bask in my awesome taste in music.

The process is relatively simple and painless. Twirl stuff in Illustrator, paint and compose in Photoshop and then pile on layers upon layers of dirt.

Hard-earned Advice for Creative People

Say no by default

Having worked with design for quite a few years now, I’ve learned my share of lessons and picked up a few do’s and don’ts. For your reading pleasure, here they are, neatly compiled into bullet points. Your thoughts on these are most welcome. Oh, and feel free to chime in with your own advice.

  • Design matters much less than you think.
  • People viewing your design will have a radically different understanding of it, than you have.
  • Being creative on demand gets easier the more routine you get.
  • If in doubt, add an outline.
  • Sometimes, we must let go of the things we appreciate the most, in order to do what is expected of us.
  • Learn to save often.
  • For the tedious repetitive things you do, if you can, create tools or processes to do them for you.
  • Say no by default. If someone asks you to lift a finger, your no brainer response should be “No”. Only when you’ve thought long and hard about it, consider saying yes.
  • Stay miles away from people who tell you things like “do this for free and I’ll get you other clients—I know people in the business”.
  • Never do creative work for family members.
  • Forget about perfect. Nothing is perfect. Nothing can be perfect. Also, nobody looks close enough to see it’s not perfect.

Zen Photo Web Photo Album


Zen Photo is a web application that allows you to create online photo albums. It supports automatic thumbnails and individual image comments. It has grown out of a desire to create simplicity among a myriad of complex alternatives.

I’ve been looking for just such an application for quite a while. Until just recently the landscape for web photo albums was bleak. Hence, I couldn’t refuse an invitation to design the default Zen Photo template, and the administration section.

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De Bono's Simplicity Principles

A long while back, I stumbled upon a snippet of wisdom. Fortunately, I wrote it down, because the website that held this info is down. I have managed to track down the source to a Mr. Edward de Bono. His book, “Simplicity“, is available at Amazon.

The snippet of wisdom is related to achieving simplicity in designs. I am storing it here as much for your convenience, as for mine.

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