Climate change is the crisis of our life-time

It is real, and it is happening now. It’s causing stronger storms, droughts, flooding, mass migration and species extinction.

It is in part fuelled by fossil fuels. These come from dead dinosaurs, which is where the “fossil” part comes from. Remember the dinosaurs that died 65m years ago? Well, eventually we’ll run out of dead dinosaurs to convert into fuel. Which means we’ll run out entirely. Which means the way of life you may be unwilling to change will have to change.

If you start changing your way of life today, as opposed to once we run out of fossils, not only will the change be easier, but if we all do it together we might be able to mitigate the worst aspects of runaway climate change.

September 20th to 27th is the Global Climate Strike. Please take this time to consider which future, if any, you’d like to pass on to the next generation.