Old Joen

My name is Joen Asmussen, I was born on the 25th of November 1979. I live in danish suburbia, where I work remotely for Automattic on WordPress.com and other projects.

I graduated in 1999, went on to study graphic design until 2002. For a bunch of years I worked for Copenhagen-based Titoonic creating little web-games and doing UI for LEGO. After that, in 2007, I was freelance for a period of time until I joined Automattic.

I believe in hard work over inherent gifts; that if you work on what you love, you’ll create great things. I enjoy well-mixed white russians, everything Sweden, cloudspotting and playing in the yard with my daughter Selma.

You can also find me on: TwitterAbout.meWordPress.com, Dribbble, Codepen and Google+.