Switching to iPhone for a bit

I’ve been a fan of Googles products ever since I switched from Alta Vista. So it felt like a natural fit to get an Android device back in the day when it was time for me to upgrade from my dumbphone, and I’ve been using an Android device ever since. I wrote about ecosystems a while ago, and the ecosystem is exactly what’s kept me there: you sign in to your phone with your Google account, and mail, calendar, notes, contacts and photos sync automatically. Also there’s a really great maps application.

In my day job I make web-apps that have to work on mobile first, and iOS is an important platform for me to know. Now I’ve used iOS for years — it’s the phone I bought for my wife and recommended to my dad. We also have an iPad, and I have used an iPhone for testing for years. I’m no stranger to how things work there. But I feel like something special happens when you make a conscious switch to the platform, make it your daily driver. Phones have become so utterly personal devices, they’re always with us and we invest ourselves in them. Unless I jump in fully, I have a feeling there’s some bit I’m missing.

So starting today I’m an iPhone user. No, I wouldn’t call this a switch — call it a “soak test”. I fully expect to switch back to Android — I’m actually eyeing a Moto X 2014. That is, unless the experience of investing myself fully in the iPhone is so compelling that I have no desire to go back, which is entirely possible. I won’t know unless I give it a proper test. Since I’m in the fortunate position to be able to make this switch, there’s no good reason not to. I’ll be using my white iPhone 5C testing device. I expect to be impressed by the camera. I expect to enjoy a jank-free fluidness of the OS, even if I expect to turn off extraneous animation. I’m curious how I’ll enjoy the homescreen and its lack of customizability compared to Android, and I can’t wait to see if the sliding keyboards in the App Store are as good as they are on Android. I should have some experiences to share on this blog in a month or so. Let me know any apps you want me to try!

4 thoughts on “Switching to iPhone for a bit”

  1. Kasper says:

    Why try out the iPhone world with a budget iPhone? It’s like trying out android with a Huawei phone.

    1. Joen A. says:

      Oh I wish I had the bankroll to consider $600 (or 4600 DKK) a budget phone! Besides, I thought conventional wisdom was that Apple didn’t sell budget devices at all.

      That aside, I’m digging many aspects already, the camera for instance is amazing. The only experience I think a 5s/6 could do much better would come from the fingerprint scanner which would make the crazy-making decision to require passwords for free app installs a non-issue.

  2. **Web apps**

    **Cool apps**
    Post-it Plus
    Sketch Mirror
    Keynote (as a remote for Keynote Mac)
    Simple (the bank)
    Camera Noir
    Skala View (kinda buggy)
    A bunch of the Google apps (Maps, Google, Chrome, etc)
    Simplenote (duh)

    **Cool games**

    1. Joen A. says:

      Hey thanks! I will try these!

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