Twenty Thirteen

“Gobsmacked”, is probably the most descriptive word I can find to describe my state of mind when I was invited to design the new WordPress bundled Twenty Thirteen theme (also check out the demo site!). The pitch for the theme was to emphasize the blog, and encourage users to use post formats, an area of attention for WordPress 3.6 with which the theme will ship. I’m frankly quite proud of the end result, and I really hope you’ll find it fun and fresh. Special thanks to Matt, Lance and Konstantin for making this possible. It’s been quite a ride, we’re not done yet, and I’ll have more to say. I think it’s also time I started using post formats on this blog.

5 thoughts on “Twenty Thirteen”

  1. Love the design! Looks… timeless 🙂

    1. Joen says:


  2. Love the use of colors. Was that your influence?

    1. Joen says:

      The inspiration for the colors was warmth, plain and simple.

      The reason for going all-out and having the colors be full-size swaths, though, was to encourage users to “paint their own color-tapestry” by using post formats, which is the headline 3.6 feature!

  3. +1 to more post formats on noscope.

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