Super 8 (2011) Mini-Review


Six kids are making a zombie movie, as they inadvertently capture a train accident on camera. As they wait for the reel to be processed, they learn that the train accident might not have been a simple accident. The processed film doesn’t make things any less mysterious.

Super 8 is JJ Abrams love letter to Steven Spielberg. From the Drew Suzan-esque poster to the music, from the period to the plot, everything about this movie is an homage to the wonderful adventurous Spielberg era of movie making. And Super 8 works well in it’s places. There are moments when Spielbergs magic is captured.

But Super 8 also lacks some of the natural flow of Spielbergs masterpieces. There are a couple of confusing moments, a couple of messy shots, and at least one — significant — plot point that is somewhat unsettled. The music, while good (Michael Giacchino is my new favourite composer) doesn’t reach the monumental heights that John Williams did — though arguably that task was insurmountable. Finally, like all other movies, it’s too long. 90 minutes is the correct length of a movie. Ask anyone.

Still, Super 8 is a good movie. All the actors are extremely well cast and they act well. Abrams loves a good mystery and he delivers. I can definitely recommend this film.

2 thoughts on “Super 8 (2011) Mini-Review”

  1. Anton Peck says:

    Perhaps I’m not paying attention enough (I haven’t seen the movie yet), but this is the first time I’ve seen the Struzan-esque poster. The one that’s being shown everywhere around me looks like this:

    I still can’t wait to see it, even if it didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations.

    1. Joen says:

      Anton Peck,

      Interesting. I’m pretty sure that poster up there is at least _an_ official poster…

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