A brief update on my Chrome web-store experiment

A couple of months ago, I threw together a quick Google Chrome web-app — simply a link to a wide view of Google Tasks. Here are a few anecdotal observations since then.

  • The web-app now has 1,632 users, 17 ratings and 282 installs per day.
  • When I first added the web-app, there was already an existing Google Tasks web-app, but that one opened Tasks in a popup window.
  • About a month after adding the web-app, I received an email from Google that I couldn’t use the “Google” name. So I renamed the web-app “GTasks”, and rewrote the description to clarify that this is nothing but a love-letter to Google and a teensy nudge for Google to release their own Tasks web-app.
  • Very likely that other Google Tasks app also received this email, but did not act upon it, resulting in the removal of said web-app. As a result, users are surging to “GTasks” now.
  • Searching for “Google Tasks” in the web store gives you this page. GTasks has been both among those immediate results, and for a period it’s been buried in the little “All »” archive — the latter being akin to web-app cemetary.