My Google Tasks web-store experiment


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of many Googles web-services. I live in Gmail and Google Calendar is my PA. Google also has a little service called “Tasks”, which you might have found it as a little panel in Gmail, though it’s the more accessible canvas view version of Tasks that I’m the most fond of.

I’ve recently thought about Googles Chrome web-store and the fact that most of the apps present there are simply glorified bookmarks; large icons that do nothing but link to a website. What’s the point? Do websites become more discoverable for people casually browsing the web-store?

In the hopes of finding out just that, I’ve wrapped up Googles Tasks service as a Chrome web-app. If you install the app, you’ll get a tasks icon on your new-tab-page, and it’ll take you to the wide canvas view. Since I’m merely piggy-backing on the work of Google, the extension is free forever (or until it’s replaced by a better version, hopefully from the mothership itself). We’ll see how it does and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, enjoy my first Chrome web-app: GTasks.