Abstract helper monkey paintings for WordPress.com Stats

Not many days ago, WordPress.com sent out annual recap emails to a number of WordPress.com blogs, including TechCrunch. Part of that email was an “Attractions in 2010” list of 5 top posts of the past year. This section included an image, chosen from one of those top posts. Not all blogs we emailed had such an image, however, and for those that didn’t, I painted a number of “abstract helper monkey paintings inspired by the stats”. Here they are:

abstract-stats-1 abstract-stats-2 abstract-stats-3 abstract-stats-4 abstract-stats-5 abstract-stats-6 abstract-stats-7

2 thoughts on “Abstract helper monkey paintings for WordPress.com Stats”

  1. That’s some talented monkeys!

    1. Joen says:

      James John Malcolm,

      I’ll pat them on their backs and tell them! Thanks.

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