4 thoughts on “Google eBooks”

  1. Levi says:

    Oh the web reader is very nice though, perfectly clean interface, no distractions. Google seems to know what they’re doing!

  2. Levi says:

    Spoke too soon. Nook & Sony e-reader support.

    Though no support outside of US. Australian support on Google products is usually pretty slow, I’m hoping this will be the exception.

  3. Joen says:


    Aside from the dull e-readers, I assume you’re referring to the screen-type (e-ink), and in that case, you’ll — like me — want an Android tablet featuring Pixel Qi screen. Which is like color e-ink.

    I’m currently lusting for the Notion Ink Adam tablet:

    1. Levi says:


      Oh wow, I hadn’t seen that yet! This may be the way to go.

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