Nexus S all but confirmed [Update: First screenshot]

Leaked by Best Buy:

Pure Google

The Nexus S. Available only at Best Buy this holiday season.

I’m thrilled the Nexus series is alive, they really are the best Androids out there. With an S (for Samsung), it also looks as though Google has elegantly evaded future Blade Runner Nexus Six lawsuits.

[Update]: Looks like Engadget has the first blurry screenshot of Gingerbread, which features a pretty (?) new green browser icon.

2 thoughts on “Nexus S all but confirmed [Update: First screenshot]”

  1. Ulf says:

    I’m SO keeping my fingers crossed for this!

  2. Joen says:

    Totally. I’m also crossing my fingers for it to come to Denmark at one point.

    Supposedly Gingerbread will be announced today. Maybe the phone as well?

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