Last nights Apple Event commentary

For posterity, here are my sarcastic tweets on last nights Apple music event:

  • It’s half as light? Doesn’t that mean its heavier? [regarding the weight of the new iPod Nano, ed.]
  • No drive based iPods? Really screams for some cloud.
  • Funny how the name Ping doesn’t really suck, but Bing still does.
  • Ugh, more status updates. #irony
  • I wonder how many will sign up for Ping simply to be able to follow Steve and his toilet status updates sent from his iPad.
  • Poopin’. Sent from my iPad.
  • A social network that only works in iTunes? It’ll be like visiting a Genius Bar. Tiresome and niche.
  • “The day they come out on DVD”? HD content? He just doesn’t want to say Blu-Ray.
  • Funny how in Apple UI design, “jiggle” means “rearrange”. There’s a boob joke hidden in there, somewhere.