Smokescreen Real-Time Converts Flash To HTML5

Smokescreen is a new open-source project:

Smokescreen is a new open-source project aimed at converting Flash to JavaScript/HTML5 to run where it previously couldn’t and better interoperate with webpages where it previously could.

With Smokescreen you can reach new platforms without learning any new tools; your Flash is automatically converted to JavaScript/HTML5.

Based on the iPad demo video and this online demo, I’m thoroughly impressed. It’ll be interesting to see how much ActionScript interactivity it can convert, presumably to JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Smokescreen Real-Time Converts Flash To HTML5”

  1. It’s cute, but it doesn’t work (for me) in Firefox nightlies. This means that you’ll have to test it in all new browsers that come out, because you can’t rely on it to work forever. You can with Flash.

    (Playing the devil’s advocate here)

  2. SmarterThanJames says:

    Really James? It’s one thing to play devils advocate but you haven’t talked to anyone with a portable media device have you? Flash is not forwards compatible today, let alone the future. 🙂

  3. Joen says:

    James is alright. His middle name is “devils advocate”, and I appreciate his input.

    I am pondering converting all my installments to use this, so it’s nice to know the caveats.

    That said, I’d love for what’s possible in Flash to become possible without Flash… I’m yearning for it, in fact. Not a fan of plugins, or Flash in particular.

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