The Apple/Google Let's All Be Friends Posts

It’s tearing me apart.

Seeing friends fight it out on Twitter. Over whether Android or Apple iOS is better, whether it’s okay for Jobs to kill Flash, whether it’s okay for Google to make mean jokes about Apple. Can’t we all just get along?


I don’t want us to agree to disagree. But I want us to not fight, also. Let’s see what we agree on:

  • Things were nicer when Google and Apple were friends
  • We both don’t like Microsoft
  • Competition is healthy for every platform

Right? See, friendships forming all around. Eyes tearing up yet? Let’s see if we can be friends some more…

What Google does well; like those of Christina Hendricks, their boons are undeniable:

  • Search
  • Sync
  • Free / open

What Apple does well is also clear as industrial touch-screen glass:

  • Polish
  • Fit & finish
  • Simple

Those of us who pick Android devices prefer the first three dots, those of you who pick iPhone prefer the second three dots. Imagine if we didn’t have to pick a camp?

4 thoughts on “The Apple/Google Let's All Be Friends Posts”

  1. Thomas Mertz says:

    Is this where I tell you, you suck for being a tree-hugging hippie bastard? 😉

    Naw. You’re right. To each his own and all that …

  2. Joen says:

    Aww, see, the healing has begun.

  3. HD says:

    iPhone is better! 😉

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