Firefox 4 Maximized, First Blurry Look

Mozilla has posted a startlingly effective video argument for why Firefox 4s default preference will be tabs-on-top. For the first time since the Firefox 4 mockups, we now see a maximized Firefox 4, which uses the Fitt’s Law argument I’ve chimed since 2006 when I tried redesigning the Firefox interface myself:


Of course only Windows gets this benefit, since both Ubuntu and OSX have a menu there.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 4 Maximized, First Blurry Look”

  1. adam says:

    there are other linuxi besides ubuntu 😉
    (and other desktops besides gnome)

    1. Joen says:


      I know there is 🙂

      But I do consider Ubuntu the most commercial one, and as with usability design, it’s always about the defaults.

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