WordPress Trick: Remove Dashboard Widgets

Want to remove some dashboard widgets programmatically? Perhaps to hide useless cruft from every role but the Administrator? Dump this in your themes functions.php:

function remove_dashboard_widgets() {

	global $wp_meta_boxes;






if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {
	add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'remove_dashboard_widgets' );

This removes all dashboard widgets, so you’ll probably want to poke around and comment out some of these array unsets.

13 thoughts on “WordPress Trick: Remove Dashboard Widgets”

  1. Nice! Always wanted to implement this but never actually looked it up.

  2. Lloyd Budd says:

    Wrap this in a plugin and millions will love you 😉

  3. Micah says:

    Will this speed WP up in any way? Or is it just a visual improvement?

  4. Joen says:

    It’s a visual change only. And it’s useful mostly to unclutter the wordpress interface for novice users.

  5. kamal says:

    huge tips, any one can to turn it to a plugin? 🙂

  6. WPFuss says:

    Nice tip!… Great for client projects.

  7. Matt Pealing says:

    Great post! Thanks.

    Just one problem, I found that this code didn’t remove the ‘Recent Drafts’ widget and that this code is necessary instead:


  8. Linus says:

    Thanks so much! I’m Italian blogger. I use your hack for a Paid to write site, for me is very very important! Best reguards.

  9. Linus says:

    just a problem, I’m using W3 total cache plugin, how can i remove its updates from dashboard? (i don’t know the variables…)
    thanks in advance. Best reguards.

  10. Linus says:

    Found answers! For removing the W3 total cache updates from dashboard, add these strings:


  11. shamiao says:

    This code contains a fatal error on current_user_can function. Theme functions.php or plugin files are loaded BEFORE the wordpress initial functions defined. All the code should be included into a hook function and wait to be called by wordpress.

    And on the other hand, all the users can see their own dashboard. ‘manage_options’ capability is completely NOT the condition of browsing dashboard.

    In fact, ‘wp_dashboard_setup’ hook is already promised to be triggered on browsing dashboard. It’s no need to judge capability, wp has done that.

    So I think just remove “if(!current_user_can(‘manage_options’))” is necessary.

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  13. CoolBoii.com says:

    Matt Pealing,

    WordPress changed the way they implemented the Recent drafts widget. Instead of defining it as a normal widget, define it as a side widget. It says on the codex.


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