Open Letter To Steve Jobs Concerning The HTC Lawsuits

Wil Shipley:

Enforcing patents is wrong. You’ve famously taken and built on ideas from your competitors, as have I, as we should, as great artists do. Why is what HTC has done worse? Whether an idea was patented doesn’t change the morality of copying it, it only changes the ability to sue.


I always thought of you as a guy who’d say, “Well, copy me if you can, because you’re copying what I did years ago, and what I’m working on now is EVEN cooler!” I like it when competitors copy me because it means they aren’t about to leapfrog me: they’ll always be playing catch-up.

This is, of course, the laser-eyes-lion-riding Wil Shipley who was himself copied by Apple. Which makes this post extra delicious.