Gmails New CSS Buttons

This morning. Or perhaps yesterday. Well this week. Maybe. Google updated the buttons in Gmail. Where they used to be CSS and images, they are now pure CSS3 using border-radius and linear-gradient. Here’s what they look like now, and here’s what they used to look like.

This is interesting for two reasons. On the one hand, this leaves Internet Explorer users with a “gracefully degrading” less aesthetic solution, since IE support for CSS3 is a joke. On the other hand, it’s interesting because WebKit (Google Chrome and Safari) has a different CSS gradient syntax than that of Firefox, which incidentally also means that the buttons look different in Firefox. Fortunately, WebKit is soon to adopt Firefox’ superior CSS gradient syntax. Fast times at Google campus.

One thought on “Gmails New CSS Buttons”

  1. dude says:


    also, side note, really annoying that you dont have the image inline here and I have to go to that terrible ‘twitgoo’ site to see them and can’t easily compare :/

    still, interesting 🙂

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