Where's Google Webdrive?

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During Googles special Chrome OS presentation a few thursdays ago, I noticed an incongruity between the core ideology that you’ll have no files stored locally and the complete lack of a Google Webdrive announcement. I’ve embedded the above video to start at about 4:20 where the presenter is talking about data in the cloud:

I mentioned all data is in the cloud. so what does that mean? […]

All data in Chrome OS is in the cloud. So as a model, anything that you put on the machine, is instantly available to you from anywhere, so, which is something we are very very excited about.

While the presenter only demos bookmarks, tabs and notepad documents as being data you can currently store in the cloud, the phrase, “anything that you put on the machine” tickles my interest. We know that in Google Docs, you can store your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can also upload PDF files. Using Picasa Web Albums you can store your photos. If you sync your Google Chrome bookmarks these will also be stored in a special Google Docs folder. So that’s documents, pictures and bookmarks. Well that’s certainly something, but it doesn’t take much imagination to notice the shortcomings: I’d be surprised if Chrome OS won’t allow you some kind of access to music or video (( Perhaps even netbanking authorisation files, though one may assume Google will push for file-less access methods for this. )).

This deafening webdrive silence can be interpreted in a number of ways. Either Google will eventually launch a music and video service which lets you purchase videos that are stored online, or Google will launch a webdrive which lets you upload your own music and videos to playback in Chrome OS. Or both. Either way, this is quite an undertaking, and probably explains why Webdrive hasn’t launched yet. I’ll bet you Googles o’s that between now and Chrome OS launch day, we’ll be either a store or a webdrive richer.

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