Twitter Keeps Resetting My Password

For the past two days, I’ve woken up to between 3 and 10 password-reset emails from Twitter, which indicate Twitters been involed in some kind of off-site phishing attempt. Are you getting these? My research has led me to sites that claim your password is too insecure (password is not a secure password) and other pages that claim you’re using a service not condoned by Twitter. I’m using Backupify, could that be it?

In hopes that this page will be Google-indexed as the go-to place for finding solutions to this, I encourage all of you to post your results in the comments. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Keeps Resetting My Password”

  1. I’m getting the same thing, and all I’ve got enabled under connections is ‘yfrog’. Maybe Twitter itself has been compromised? I haven’t seen any suspicious activity on my account or anything like that, so it’s a bit annoying to have to reset the password incessantly.

  2. I get these too and I’ve only got coTweet under connections. I only get it on one of my 3 accounts, though.

  3. Tamati says:

    ive had a few as well.. i was hacked once by opening spam. but since deleted my password and added a new one. was fine for a few months. now i get a reset every other day. how to stop?

  4. Mylinda says:

    I’m gett a Twitter password reset every day. Grrr

  5. jtimleck says:

    What I don’t get is why this is happening from twitter PROPER. “your account appears to have been compromised” , “it looks like you changed your password” etc. – WTH isn’t twitter more SECURE than this?

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